Life has me in awe….

As I go through life,  I am always pleasantly surprised at how the puzzle pieces fit together.  There are always clues and dots to connect as we look back on the events of the day.  We are God’s children and he utilizes us to help others.  Any time you can brighten someone’s day,  is a good day.  What you get from doing this are feelings.  Feelings are something that make your soul soar! It’s amazing how we are all connected.  Life is so much more than we perceive.  Give and be generous with your time.  


Are we really in control?

We go through each day thinking we are in complete control, when the truth is, we aren’t. There is a greater power in charge. It’s hard to grasp until you give yourself completely over to God. Once you do that, everything is much easier. Problems don’t seem as big. Life is less complicated even when it sucks. The Earth doesn’t fall apart like it did before.


Life is unexpected…

The people you meet in your life are there for reason. Sometimes they are there to teach you a lesson, sometimes they are there to make you stronger, sometimes are there to make you see the things that you couldn’t see about yourself. Whatever the case may be, you are in this world on your own path. You are creating yourself day by day. You have the power to make your life the way you want it.


Clearing the clutter

I have learned that clutter can make you feel extremely anxious. When things are not clean, the fact that there is work that needs to be done will sit in the back of your mind and make everything you do unproductive. I woke up this morning at 1am and you know what I did? I finished writing my site for my skincare line. Awhile ago, Godaddy wiped my site and I had to rewrite it from scratch. Just that thought alone made me feel overwhelmed. So for the last few months I have been putting it off and not getting it done. Since my line has been selling at the airport, I needed to have the site up and running for reorders. People are asking and now that is the push I needed to clear my head and get it done. I was super happy to get that elephant out of the room so to speak removed from the room. My kids have taken the liberty of cleaning so when I woke back up, so much had already been done. It was so incredibly nice to wake up to that. They are all currently working on the house without me even asking. I feel like a lot has been accomplished in the last two days and that makes me feel really good. When you come to a standstill in your life, declutter and prioritize your life. What is most important and then work from there. When there isn’t balance, there is chaos. You can neglect any aspect of your life. Most importantly, take care of yourself. If you are not in good shape physically or in mind, then you are going to be unproductive in every aspect of your life.


Crazy, crazy….

When you think you will break, you don’t. I haven’t posted in quite sometime so I apologize. Just remember that you are strong and not everyone will understand what it’s like to be you. Your life may be crazy, not ideal, and quite chaotic. You can do it, you can handle it!