Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder if everyone else including you is crazy? The world is crazy, people are crazy, no one knows anything. Seriously, what is the most important thing in life? Is it God, people, the idea of love, actual love, wtf?????? What is actual love, commitment, is it leading a double part time life? How do you love one person yet commit your title to another? Is it love or status? Is being second really first????  NOOOOOOOOO fucking clue.


The worst thing a person can do is fear the unknown. Every time in my life I have feared or had a sense of holding back because of the unknown, I had to learn to get past it and move forward. What is the worst that can happen? Not moving is the worst! I am watching a fascinating movie about how McDonald’s got started. I read up on it years ago and happened to stumble upon this movie. This movie got me thinking about so many things. If these guys hadn’t had the confidence and motivation to move forward in spite of their difficulties, it would not be the chain it is today. McDonald’s started as one small drive through and now look at it today. The cap if you will on the brother’s ability was a very efficient drive through. They did not have the ability to expand on their own because of their lack of skills. The brother’s did not have the foresight in seeing a larger picture. We need to listen to the words and skills of those who have experience or maybe even just a crazy mind.  We all have special skills and abilities. Some of us are detail oriented, some of us are creative, and some love spreadsheets. There is a strength and a weakness for everyone. The strength a person has is to find their weakness and hire it out. As a team of people with different strengths pull together, they are unstoppable. I truly believe the key is follow through. A vision needs to be turned into a reality. It is not an easy task. You have what it takes to make it happen. Someone told me I should be a millionaire by now by the way I work. I don’t define success by money. I define success as interpersonal success from growing within. I have a lot of growing to do, lessons to learn, and I have realized that I will never be done. There is not a cap on learning. Never stop improving.


Creating is therapy.

I have discovered diving into creating something from an idea in my head is very good therapy. I decided to get off of my anxiety medication about 6 weeks ago and my anxiety has been horrible. I will get anxiety attacks from no where. So, I have been trying to find ways to alleviate those attacks and calm myself down. I have been trying to “think outside the box” and create things. I have attached a picture of my recent creation. When life is hard for you, find a way to get yourself centered. Many people turn to substances but I can tell you that doesn’t work. It may be a temporary Band-Aid, but long term, it will kill you and your desire. Be healthy and try to exercise and create things. God is the center of my world and I had at one point lost that focus. I am glad I turned back to God and truly am trusting in him.


Life is worth every second…..

Again, it has been forever since I have written anything. Sorry… I have been kind of overwhelmed and in my own little world. I forget that when I write I feel better, but, then again, I need to feel like I have something to write about worth sharing to the world. As I have been people watching at the airport, I realized how we are all hurting.  I hear some of the saddest, funniest, hope restoring stories from passengers. I have been connecting through language. This has been helping me more than anyone can ever imagine. Life is beyond amazing and extremely painful at the same time. What is our worth? Are we worth what we put out in work? How do we quantify our worth? Are we only worth what we perceive another human being’s perception of our worth? Often times we do wrap our self worth into what someone who may be close to us or we even perceive them to love us thinks. The reality is, feelings are not logical and feelings change. I am not an expert on anything. I do not say or try to make others feel like I am. I do know that when I feel like I am breaking and the end is near, it isn’t. I pray and I trust in Jesus. I will always trust in Jesus. I love Jesus and he is my savior. I know he uses me to help others. Some days when I am in front of so many people with problems and I am giving them advice, I have to remember that I am here for a reason. Some times I can get so overwhelmed in my own problems and then take on other people’s feelings, I feel like I am going to break. I pray and then God restores my energy by filling me with his grace. I am a broken person with a ton of sins. My sins weigh me down like anyone else’s. I do trust in the Lord. I know he died for our sins and someday through his love, he will accept me in heaven. Each and every day I get more information to bank in my head in regards to this life down here. Every day I have the opportunity to make it better than the previous day. I helped an old man today, and after I reached out to solve his problem, I realized he was a priest. He wasn’t dressed like one though. Help others. Help them. What are you creating today and how are you shaping your life?