Grateful post #3

Today the devil proved to be real. I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe that we all get what we get in the end of life. Some of us cling to religion as a weapon but truly don’t believe, but I, believe in Jesus. When I was 15 I tried to commit suicide. Guess what? I opened my eyes and saw Jesus standing there lit up as the picture I used to see in the dark at grandma’s house when I was a kid. Today, after all the false accusations, I am remembering Jesus standing before me. The truth always reveals itself. The liars of the world will have to go before God and account for their sins, I included. None of us are perfect and God knows this. We are subjected to all kinds of tests. Will we pass or will we fail? We as individuals make that determination based on the decisions we make. We cannot allow ourselves to be bullied by others. You will be accused in your life of things that you never ever did. Stick to your faith in God. Cast the devil out. Take the high road( heard that so many times by so many airport passengers lately). Life is amazing and we are constantly learning the lessons we somehow didn’t learn the first or third time around. You have to choose you in this life. What I mean by that is put others first after Jesus and don’t forget about yourself. My aunt’s name is JOY. I live by choosing Jesus, others, yourself. An individual came into my life trying to derail me from Jesus and I will never renounce Jesus. Jesus is my savior. I was given a book by a passenger on my darkest of days. I was reminded that God is listening and watching. I trust that truth will be revealed. Be honest and proactive with authorities if things get beyond your control. Don’t hide, seek the help of others. Fear is illogical and when you realize this, you have more control over yourself than you realize. If you are living an honest life, it will be proven. If you lie and accuse, there are patterns that can be proven. Liars forget their lies, so don’t lie. Relax and remember God is in control. Let go and let Jesus take the wheel.