Sunday gratitude…

Today I am grateful that through a series of events, I went back to mass. The path we are on isn’t always great. What amazes me over and over is that God is always there to help guide us. Sometimes we are presented with a series of choices or options and we choose completely wrong. Sometimes at the time we are blind to the traps that we fall in. Hindsight is always 20/20 they say. The truth comes out and the devil comes out. It just doesn’t always look the way we thought. I am guilty of rose colored glasses. I have to be more discerning. I am very trusting and then I get burned. I will however, not turn negative and cynical. I will just be more aware and now make better choices. God has a way of turning our eyes back to him. I was being led away from Jesus and I knew I wasn’t ever going to turn my back on Jesus. He is the true God. Thank you Jesus for leading me back. In mass today I felt the power of God as I prayed for his grace to fill me and help me through. The homily today was in regards to not gossiping. I don’t like rumors being spread about me, so I am going to follow what I preferred would have happened to me( but didn’t) and just continue to pray and do good in this world. We all are presented with choices to make. Live by JOY, Jesus, others, yourself.


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