Tuesday gratitude….

I have to reach down and find something I’m truly grateful for today. I’m grateful for the opportunity to make tomorrow better. Sometimes, as we go through this life, we fall into traps. Life is one big huge lesson At the end of that lesson we have to make a choice. Do we choose God or do we not? Sometimes choosing right means that we are denied certain pleasures at the moment. Later we discover those certain pleasures, are not really pleasures at all, we were being used by someone. It’s not until you step away from a situation after feeling uncomfortable, that you may realize you’re being used. We all find this in our life. Not one person on this Earth has not experienced this.  It is from these mistakes we make or may continually make that we have to learn these lessons. I am grateful for every sunrise because that means I have another day to try make things better and to try make my soul right with God. Do not take each morning for granted, see it for what it is, that is mercy.