In this world…..

There are many kinds of people in this world. Some of which are habitual liars. The kind where they actually believe the things that they say, even though, they know they are lying. Some people see what they  want so bad that they justify lying to get it. I also have discovered that some people will just keep lying no matter what. I am not saying I have never told a lie. I am saying that some people will always lie. You can’t believe anything they say because they are constantly trying to deceive or trick others. It is super sad. What is even more sad, is they bring others into their lie, except those other people they use to get whoever their target is, they don’t know they are being part of a scheme. They have been lied to as well. The whole web of lies is awful. I just don’t understand how people think sometimes. Would you ever destroy another human beings professional reputation as a part of getting back at someone? I would not. I pray for all of us in this world. I also am trying to really believe that there is more good than bad in this world.