Am I the only one thinking this?

I hear so many stories from many people and I wonder if any of us really have pure intentions. Do any of us really do anything out of pure love and selflessness? I was in a discussion the other day about heaven. As I really contemplate getting into heaven, it feels like it is an impossible task, even if we do our best, because our intentions would just be to get into heaven. So if that is the case, do we then merit getting into heaven? I know that I have done many things for people out of just wanting to see them happy or feel better, but for the majority of the things I do, do I do them for my own reward of heaven later? If I do, then is that good enough and is it pure enough for God to allow me in? I looked at my face yesterday with a skin scanner and I could see the sun damage on my skin. It really opened my eyes to the damage I have caused my skin by not protecting it from the sun. On the surface you don’t see it, but through a special lens you do. I started thinking about our souls. We may try to be good and we have done some bad things too, but the damage to our soul we don’t see until we die and are shown it in all its reality as God will show each of us. I am scared for that day, because I can’t see the damage I have done to it, so I can try to change it. Thoughts?????????