Can you believe? 

In order for me to be happy,  I have to love myself as is, right now.  If I say I’ll  love myself when I lose that 20 pounds or when I reach 20k in my savings acct, that’s not love.  If I can’t love myself the way I want to be loved,  then its never going to happen because I’m not living a truth. Truly accepting yourself and committing to yourself is crucial. I’ve realized this because I’ve never done it.  I started to but then faultered. If I’m going to make a change of my life, I have to start with myself. I am complete as I am and I do not need to be in a relationship to be complete. Repeating the same pattern over and over will not help me to achieve anything.  I’ve noticed and recognized the pattern, now I’m implementing changes.  You can too!