Connect on a deeper level.

These days, we are swimming in a world of disconnection, social media, and fake personas. I am amazed at how many people cannot put their phones down. I heard on a Ted talk that each of us is a 1:1,400,000 that we will be born. This was calculated by scientists the probability of you being born to the parents you have in the world that is full of natural disasters. I call that a miracle! We wake up everyday thinking we are leading this life that is just fine. We should be out there connecting with actual people on a deeper level. Life really isn’t about how many connections you have, it is about the meaningful ones you nurture. Many people these days are connected yet they are so disconnected. When is the last time you went out with a friend to lunch or just met to chat? Get out and connect. Talk face to face to people.  Pick up a book and turn the pages. Visualize the story, be engulfed in the book. We are souls with bodies and we really need to grow our souls too. You can’t grow your soul if you don’t try to make new connections and do different things that are life changing.