I didnt give candy out this year….

As I was driving in my car, I heard a radio host say that a pumpkin bucket held approximately 260 pieces of candy. This equates to approximately 9,000 calories and 3 pounds of sugar!  Whoa! So, instead of candy,  I bought cheeseballs that were individually wrapped. Who doesn’t love fake cheese? We had some left overs because each year there are fewer kids trick or treating. I remember 15 years ago I ran out of candy. I had over 300 pieces and ran out! Now we are barely pushing 60. I laughed so hard when my neighbor asked the kids if they preferred mustard,  ketchup, soy sauce,  or mayonnaise! He had individual packets in a bowl! In the end he had oatmeal packets for the kids. The parents around me, including me laughed hard when we saw the packets of condiments.  Genius! I’m not a fan of Halloween, but last night was super fun!

Xoxoxoxo xoxoxoxo

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