Hard to believe….

When I started this blog, I started it on a whim. I was told by some people on FB that I inspired them and that I should title my blog “Tiffany’s Koolaid” because I really believed what I was saying. I started off barely writing and letting it go to the wayside, picking it up here and there, and then dropping it again. I would go through these “lulls” for many reasons. Most of which were I didn’t believe I had anything worth saying. I had zero and I mean zero clue why I was really put here on this Earth. I felt completely out of place and my life was spinning into a disaster. Then as I started writing more, I would later re-read what I wrote, find the typos, and fret over those. After I got over myself, I realized my writings weren’t all that bad. As I would re-read, I could hardly believe I wrote it. Then I began to realize that I did have something to say and more people were out there like me. I truly believe most of us are really trying to figure out why we are here. Some people have either figured it out or they are really great actresses and actors. It is important to share your thoughts, even if only one person hears you. I just looked at how many posts I wrote and there are 153! That was hard to believe because I remember sitting at the computer barely even able to belt out the words. If you just take a step back, let go of your expectations of yourself, and allow yourself to live freely without judgement, you will realize you are a great person. We are all special. I keep thinking of the book I read about St. Theresa of Liseux. St Thesesa said that she believed God sees each of us individually. He sees us as if we are the only person created. He doesn’t compare us to others and he loves us so much. Yes, we are all born with different amounts of grace from God, some have more talents than others, but we all have something special to offer this world. Don’t squander your talents and do explore to find out what your talent is. As our bodies grow, we need to develop our souls too. We are souls with a body, not a body with a soul. Don’t forget to nourish your soul.