Hearty beef soup!

My mother was always the best at making soup! We had soup coming out of our ears! The soup she made was always very flavorful. So, in her honor, I am creating beautiful, colorful, flavorful soups to warm your soul. Food is more than just to be eaten.  Food is healing,  food is nourishing,  and by creating deliciously healthy food,  I hope to help others make peace with food.  Many people view food as the enemy.  I know I used to. I want to help change the view on food. The emotional aspects of eating disorders is so deep. It took me many years to confront my deep issues with food. It stems way deeper than I don’t want to gain weight. I want to create a healing cookbook. I’m going to use my grandmother’s recipes and my own creations. With the help of the flavor bible,  I will knock your socks off! A friend of mine that works in the test kitchens at General Mills, told me about this book. It’s fantastic! 

Share my post please! If I’m going to make this successful,  I need to promote it! Thank you in advance!