Happy New Year!

It seems that New Year’s Eve is the time where people think they can start over fresh. I believe we don’t need a new year to start off fresh. Each day we make decisions that impact our lives. We can choose to let go and start over or begin again. I am going to welcome this new year knowing that I am working on myself. I am also going to do what I have always wanted to do and that is holding babies at the hospital, reading to children to take their minds off their sickness, take time to have a vacation from problems, and eventually fly to a destination that will allow me to scuba dive. Having my flight benefits back gives me a sense of freedom. I am going to step out of my box and do things I have not done but always wanted to do. I wrote about being lonely and I know we all go through that. I spoke with a my brother and a couple of friends and I have realized that my feelings are within my control. I can either choose to isolate myself from others or dive on in and make an impact. I choose to make an impact and the side effect for me will be to make new friends and not feel lonely. Lonely feelings stem from isolating oneself. There is so much out in this world that I need to explore. So, here is to 2018!