Proud momma…….

I am very proud of all my kids. Two of my 5 now have jobs. Both my son and daughter are doing so well at work that their bosses have made incredible comments to me. Give kids a moral foundation to come back to. I know as a parent, we all second guess ourselves and question if we are fit to be a parent. We don’t have all the answers, but, you don’t have to. My philosophy is to keep an open door, admit you are human and make mistakes, and your kids will follow. They may get into trouble here and there, but we all make mistakes. Mistakes teach us the right way. We are going to mess up, but that is ok. Learn and move forward. Sweet dreams and sleep well my friends!

….not sure where to begin……

I have been absent from writing for Lord knows how long. I have been super busy with work and my life. My mind is so full of information right now that I am not sure where to begin. I feel like if I wrote what was in my mind, it would be a huge brain dump. I will write about what is at the top of my mind. I was working alongside a man who was 100% blind. He did the work and performed beyond what most other people with sight did. Now, I want to call attention to the mindset. Here is some background info, most of the young people I am in contact with are complaining they are working or the difficulty of the work. I am working side by side with a man who is blind. I am so inspired and I tell him so. I asked him all kinds of questions to understand him better. I could not in a million years imagine being blind. I closed my eyes and tried to feel what he felt, and you know what, I am never going to fully understand. I am so awestruck by this experience, that I am reaching out to the VP of the company and asking they do a story on him. I woke up yesterday admiring the sunrise. I love knowing that I have another day to try to do better than the previous day. My heart is so full. I am having a hard time putting my feelings into words. I will leave you with, his name is Charlie.

What you do, does matter….

Cream rises to the top my mom has always said. The saying has always stuck with me. If you want something in life, go for it. Many times we often put a monetary value on whatever it is we do. For instance, a child will ask how much they are going to get paid for a chore around the house. Now that is not a bad thing, because that child is trying to figure out what that chore is worth or how much they are going to get in exchange for their time. As human beings, we want to be valued. We want to know that what we are doing is valuable. However, there is an inherent flaw with that thought process. The flaw is this, we equate the value of the work as our personal value. Our value as a human being is not worth what you make in life monetarily, you are priceless. I have heard it, experienced it, and seen this happen. Get out of that thinking pattern! You are priceless, you are a gift from God. Human beings are the ones who put monetary value on themselves, not God. It has been my experience that once you free yourself from this dangerous thinking, you will truly see yourself in a different light. You will begin to be able to do things you never imagined. You will realize the importance of life. The value of life is far more than we imagine. Why would God give us so many chances if we were worth some pieces of paper or a silly little coin? Our potential is far greater than you can imagine. You will start to see this once you free yourself from small minded thinking. Once you stop allowing yourself to be boxed in the categories many people use to group individuals into. You have such potential but you will never fully get there if you are only interested in the material aspect of this world. You are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. The choice is yours to make. Are you the cream????


The purr of a cat…..

Throughout time, humans have always been fascinated with cats. I grew up with cats and I’m so glad I have one in my adult life. Many people suffer from anxiety and depression. I’ve always thought the purring of a cat helps with that. As I researched, I found that not only does a purr regulate breathing and lowers blood pressure, but, the purring sounds can heal bones faster. How amazing is that? My cat wakes me every morning by sitting on my chest. I feel calm when I hear the purring sound every morning.  Now if I could only get her to do the laundry………


Spring Fever!

Yesterday felt magnificent! I was so in love with the weather! The sun out made me so happy and everyone I saw, I smiled big at! It is amazing what perspective can do. A few days ago it was way below zero. The 24 degrees and sun yesterday felt so incredibly warm. I opened the windows to my truck and enjoyed the breeze. Now, someone who lives in the south may think I am off my rocker, but to the folks up here, it was practically t-shirt weather! In life, we all have different perspectives. We all have different experiences in our lives that shape our perspective. I believe it is important to talk to others, hear their stories, and listen to their perspectives. Hearing the different stories can also influence our perspectives too. We can form our thought process using other people’s experiences and lessons they learned in life. Go out and explore this fabulous world!

Starting the new year off right!

I awoke to breakfast in bed compliments of my daughter. I look at my life and I am grateful for my kids. I am grateful for another chance to make my soul right with God. On the first, I got a surprise visit from one of my brothers, my mother and my two other brothers came over, and we played cards. I also got to watch some chick flicks with my mom and we all ate Chinese food. Nothing in my life is perfect, but really what constitutes perfection anyway. I am looking at the challenges as a chance to improve myself. How you handle yourself in the midst of challenges, is what building your soul is all about. Help others, give selflessly, and take deep breaths. This life is over in the blink of an eye. When we die, we are outside of time and time is just no longer. Don’t lose yourself in the temporary.