….not sure where to begin……

I have been absent from writing for Lord knows how long. I have been super busy with work and my life. My mind is so full of information right now that I am not sure where to begin. I feel like if I wrote what was in my mind, it would be a huge brain dump. I will write about what is at the top of my mind. I was working alongside a man who was 100% blind. He did the work and performed beyond what most other people with sight did. Now, I want to call attention to the mindset. Here is some background info, most of the young people I am in contact with are complaining they are working or the difficulty of the work. I am working side by side with a man who is blind. I am so inspired and I tell him so. I asked him all kinds of questions to understand him better. I could not in a million years imagine being blind. I closed my eyes and tried to feel what he felt, and you know what, I am never going to fully understand. I am so awestruck by this experience, that I am reaching out to the VP of the company and asking they do a story on him. I woke up yesterday admiring the sunrise. I love knowing that I have another day to try to do better than the previous day. My heart is so full. I am having a hard time putting my feelings into words. I will leave you with, his name is Charlie.

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