Life is……………….

Wonderful! Stuff happens I get that. I am not immune to negative things. However, I do believe a positive frame of mind is most important. There is always a way to deal with things. Solutions do present themselves but you need an open mind to realize what to do. We all have decisions every day to make. Each decision puts us on a different path. Try to have a clear vision about what you want for yourself. If you know what you want and what you don’t want, making decisions is so much easier. Spend time making deep connections. A tree cannot survive if the roots are shallow. In order for the tree to thrive, it needs deep roots to ground itself and take in nutrients, it needs the sun in order to photosynthesize, it needs water, and time to grow into its potential. That tree is just like us. We need deep roots( moral grounding) and connections, we need nutrients, time to grow and form who we are, and we need most of all LOVE. Love makes everything brighter and creates a different mindset for problem solving. So many people in this world want to go it alone because they are protecting their hearts from breaking. I get that. But what if, all that protecting of your heart keeps you from expanding and growing? What if you pass by what could be the best relationship of your life because you are too scared to jump off the proverbial cliff? You are only here on Earth once. Make your time here wonderful. Make good decisions, take risks, and most of all, love with an open heart. Give freely but also recognize who to give it to. People come and go from your life and that is ok. Not everyone is meant to be in your life. Keep your chin up and laugh super hard every now and then. It is exhilarating! You have such huge potential. You just have to believe it and not hold yourself back. Self-sabotage is a really destructive act. Love yourself fully so you are able to love someone else too.



Day to day stuff is fun.

I really think real life and day to day stuff is fun. I get joy out of cleaning the house and even doing the shopping for necessities. Life doesn’t have to be a roller coaster in order to be fun. I don’t need exciting or entertainment every moment of the day. I have become happier and more content with life ever since I recognized the joy in regular activities and work. I challenge you to find the joy in the little things. I keep saying it and I will say it again. The little things are the BIG things.


Bring the room down………….

Attitude is everything. There is always one person in a group that is just so negative. Don’t be that person. That one person can infect the whole group. The type of energy you give off is what will turn into reality for the group. That is the same with life. Yes, I know things happen and life isn’t always roses and sunshine. It is how we get past those curve balls that will determine how we view the outcome. I do believe to my core that if you cultivate a positive attitude, you will be aware of more solutions. If you focus on the bad, that is all you will find. If you try to keep an open mind and look for solutions, you will find those as well. Recognizing that we have emotions and dealing with them is important to being healthy inside and out. Sometimes we just need to go in our car and scream our heads off and let it out. That is ok. Dealing with negative feelings is healthy. Dwelling on them is not. My philosophy is this, deal and move forward. Try to focus today on what is good. Find the good in those you meet. Find the sunshine through the clouds. I wake up with a grateful heart and I thank God for giving me another day to try again. We all have faults but sometimes those faults are not really faults at all. We look at ourselves through foggy lenses. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Love yourself. Accept yourself and realize you are enough. This world is full of people who don’t think they are good enough for anyone and I believe that is because they don’t accept themselves. Every day we can improve our behaviors and attitude. Be enough for yourself and love with an open heart.  You have nothing to lose and only to gain.




What we crave….

We crave connection. Look at traffic for instance, you will notice that people travel in packs on the road. There will be clusters of cars traveling together even though they are going to different destinations. We crave connection and some sort of acceptance from others. With cell phones and social media, we are still not getting that connection. As a matter of fact, I am convinced we are less connected than ever. I see so many couples on dates ignoring each other because they are on their phones. I see people walking down the street with their faces in their phones. I know for myself, I need that deep connection, that face to face interaction, those conversations that are not superficial…… You are never going to get what you need or establish any deep connection if you are not in the present. You have to be an active participant. My challenge to you today is this, have a face to face conversation and be in the present. Don’t check your phone, don’t think about what you could be doing, listen to the person in front of you and actively listen to them. You just never know what you might discover…………..



What makes you valuable?

This world is full of material things, money, and the mindset that you are worthless if you don’t have lots of money, look rich, or wear items that are recognizable to those who you feel are judging you based on your looks. I will tell you what my thoughts are. If we were all stripped naked and every dollar was taken from us, would we, ourselves, still believe we had value? What makes you valuable is not your net worth or your looks. How are you as a human being? I think of myself this way, I am a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. We could change our exterior and appear more important to those who are looking at us. If we did that, what would that do for us? Would it give us a sense of purpose or make us feel good about ourselves? Well, maybe on a temporary level. Deep down, it does nothing positive long term. If we spent more time on what is truly worth our time, we would feel better. I am not saying I have never felt my exterior needed to compete in this world. As a matter of fact, when I was younger and an adolescent, I fretted over my appearance. Wisdom does come with age and experience. I am grateful I get to grow older and make the next day better than the previous. The older I get, the less materialistic I become. I am not going to judge someone on their net worth. I once heard a story of a girl with 2 guys. The one guy gave her $20, the other gave her $50. She chose the one who appeared more generous. Now let’s break this down. The man who gave her the $20, that was literally all the money in his pocket. The one that gave her $50 had $100 in his pocket. So, you see how shallow the choice became. It is about the heart. It is about intention. Don’t judge based on appearance. What you think you are seeing may not and is mostly not the whole story. It takes time to get to know someone. It takes time to trust and to truly fall in love with the person. If you are holding onto the material possessions in this world, that will make it that much harder to look with eyes that can see deeper. You are valuable because you are unique and you were created out of love. You are loved and I hope you look deep within yourself and try to understand who you are. I am very confident that a person cannot love another( mate wise) if they do not love themselves first. I have heard so many woman say that a man is too good for them or they don’t deserve such a wonderful man. Then they look for the as*holes that treat them like dirt. Why do humans punish themselves through crappy relationships. I DESERVE a man who will treat me like the most important person in their life. I DERSERVE to be thought of as number 1. We all do!!!! Stop the negative thinking and stop derailing what could be the love of your life. Just as you DESERVE to be treated this way, your mate DERSERVES the same! Never stop telling them you appreciate them. Never stop going on dates. Always cherish and guard your time together. Carve time out because you choose to not because you feel obligated. Love is selfless and forgiving. Start by forgiving yourself and move forward. YOU DERSERVE NOTHING BUT THE BEST person to love you and hold you and cherish you as a person, not what you have or how you look.