Life is……………….

Wonderful! Stuff happens I get that. I am not immune to negative things. However, I do believe a positive frame of mind is most important. There is always a way to deal with things. Solutions do present themselves but you need an open mind to realize what to do. We all have decisions every day to make. Each decision puts us on a different path. Try to have a clear vision about what you want for yourself. If you know what you want and what you don’t want, making decisions is so much easier. Spend time making deep connections. A tree cannot survive if the roots are shallow. In order for the tree to thrive, it needs deep roots to ground itself and take in nutrients, it needs the sun in order to photosynthesize, it needs water, and time to grow into its potential. That tree is just like us. We need deep roots( moral grounding) and connections, we need nutrients, time to grow and form who we are, and we need most of all LOVE. Love makes everything brighter and creates a different mindset for problem solving. So many people in this world want to go it alone because they are protecting their hearts from breaking. I get that. But what if, all that protecting of your heart keeps you from expanding and growing? What if you pass by what could be the best relationship of your life because you are too scared to jump off the proverbial cliff? You are only here on Earth once. Make your time here wonderful. Make good decisions, take risks, and most of all, love with an open heart. Give freely but also recognize who to give it to. People come and go from your life and that is ok. Not everyone is meant to be in your life. Keep your chin up and laugh super hard every now and then. It is exhilarating! You have such huge potential. You just have to believe it and not hold yourself back. Self-sabotage is a really destructive act. Love yourself fully so you are able to love someone else too.