Hello World!

My name is Tiffany. I started this blog because I wanted to be able to share  my thoughts, my insights, and my optimism with you. It was suggested to me that I begin a blog because the posts on my FB page are so inspiring to those who read them. I promise to always be truthful in all of my posts. I want to inspire everyone! I have had many tough challenges in my life that almost took my sunshine away. The day I realized that I truly had the power to either allow or not allow someone to control my feelings, I knew that my perspective had to change, so that I could handle these challenges that are thrown at me. I will not say it was an easy process to begin or get through. I am constantly working hard on it everyday. Changing the way my brain analyzes data and how I react to it, is a huge challenge. I have a truly positive outlook on life in spite of the things going on in the world today. I want to give you hope and inspire you! Look for the daily positives around you! I challenge you to think differently!

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