It is already in you….

Everything you need to be successful is already in you. We can learn from others how to go about tasks or strategies for success, but you already possess your strengths that make you unique. We each offer this world a perspective that no one else has. Our experiences shape who we are and we can use those experiences to help others. The story of the baby born without legs who grew up in an adoptive family to be a gymnast, was a gymnast because it was already in her. Her name is Jennifer Bricker . Her parents never told her she couldn’t do something and she always believed she could do anything. Her idol was a famous gymnast. Later she found out that she was the sister of Dominique Moceanu.  The talent that was in her, was not taught, it was already within her. She had this burning desire to be a gymnast and she was because she pushed herself, even though, she was born without legs. We all have some burning desire to accomplish something. It is up to you to explore and really dig deep down into your soul and find what that burning desire is.  Many of us go through life feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied. I really feel that feeling stems from deep within us because we are not living our full potential. Surround yourself with people that lift you up and have huge goals and aspirations. The feeling to be more is very contagious. Light that fire within you! We are all a part of the human experience. Are you ready to discover who you are?



4 words that make a difference.

In this world there are many people. I see so many people standing in elevators and playing games like candy crush on their phone, texting while crossing the street, texting while on a date…….. I have noticed since I have “holstered” my phone, how many people are going through this world not paying attention. I started noticing details like the light posts in downtown St. Paul covered in pole sweaters. Attached to these sweaters are laminated card talking about the person who made them. If I were to text walking down the sidewalk, I would miss this detail and not be able to laugh and think “only in Minnesota!” I would have missed out on the joy of seeing this. I would have missed the woman struggling with the baby to get into a warm building because it was -11 outside and the stroller was stuck on the ice. I would have missed the old woman in the grocery store who was struggling carrying her bag of groceries because her muscles were atrophied. I would have missed the couple who was taking a picture of the ice castle. I would have missed the dog who was walking so excitedly down the street. I would have missed the street vendor handing out a bag of actual roasted chestnuts. I would have missed all of these moments in time that make up a lifetime of memories. The 4 words that change lives are ” may I help you?” We go through this life thinking about ourselves. We fail to notice where we can be significant to others. That significance gives you feelings and feelings are what drive you. We all need hope and love. Most of all, we as humans, need to feel connected. Through the technology we have, I am convinced we are more disconnected than ever. Many people turn to substances to make them feel better when maybe in reality, reaching out and make connections is what they really crave. The old woman I helped in the grocery store, reached out to me to say have a wonderful day. She also thanked me for the help. She seemed surprised to be offered help. Stop and look around you. Life is passing you by.