What motivates you?

Many of us need to really be “moved” to be motivated to change the direction of our lives. For some of us, that could be a devastating event and for others, they are just naturally curious. What gets you going? For me, it is the internal drive to improve myself. If I am unsure how to do something or I am unaware of how to do something, I usually research it and try it. Sometimes, I realize I don’t like whatever task I am doing, but I learned something in the process. If we go day in and day out, eating relatively the same food, falling into a similar pattern for the day, and never really looking to learn something new, then we get bored. I used to think I got bored of the job I was doing and then needed to find a new one. I have since realized, it is not the job, it was my life. I needed to grow my soul and cultivate my skills.  I like to shake things up and throw myself a curve ball. Doing that keeps my brain and my body motivated to do more. I know I need more of nature and becoming one with nature. I used to be so distracted by social media and not paying as much attention to who is real in my life. I am happy things have recently become even more clear. I have to say, life in your 40’s is divine.  What gets you motivated?


We are going through this life together.

We have to be good role models for others, especially our children. We are not perfect, I am not perfect, but we need to try our best to do what is best for ourselves and our futures. Yes, we will screw up and yes, we will learn another lesson each day. Try to be cognizant of your attitude and your general approach to things. Be creative in your process and don’t forget to do your best. We are always going to sin, but maybe those sins will be smaller if we are always aware and make conscious decisions with good judgement.  Practice thinking on a higher level. Raise your energy and your vibrations so that you will attract more positive energy. Darkness can’t live in light. Shine bright my friends!!!!